Impact Story

Jayden Tricoche


Our Strong, Smart and Bold Girl of the Year

Jayden Trioche is a 13-year-old 8th grader at Aaron Cohn Middle School. She has been a part of Girls Inc.’s school based program for her entire 7th grade year. She plans to continue to participate in the school based program throughout the remainder of her time at Aaron Cohn Middle School. She is also interested in being a part of Girls Inc.’s teen program once she enters high school.

What Jayden enjoys most about the program is being encouraged to be brave, confident and learn. She also feels that the program teaches her to be proud of herself, no matter what. Jayden expressed that she has suffered from anxiety in the past, which really tried to keep her down. However, since she became a part of Girls Inc., she is encouraged to overcome the things she is anxious about by being brave enough to be herself. At Girls Inc., she learned how to always put her best foot forward and never be afraid to put herself out there for others to see.

 Before Girls Inc., I was trying to find a way to be my true self but I was scared because I
felt that no one would accept me. Being a part of Girls Inc. helped me be myself and now I want to put myself out there. I even want to try out for acting in commercials!


“My teachers Ms. Hernandez, Mrs. Lloyd and Ms. James made a difference in my life by encouraging me to be myself. They always keep me smiling.” Jayden feels that all facets of the Girls Inc. experience is important. “Having the chance to work with other girls her age, mentorship, and the programming teaches me that I’m not alone because there are others just like me,” Jayden states.

“Because of my experience at Girls Inc. I know that life can get tough but we shouldn’t let it bring us down. There will always be someone there to help you.”